Zebra Shox

Zebra improves the safety, comfort and performance in a variety of industries by utilizing an innovative technology for MagnetoRheological (MR) suspension systems. Our technology harnesses the power of millions of magnetic particles in hydraulic shock absorbers to improve the performance and speed of vibration and shock mitigation like no other shock before. 

What Zebra offers?

Zebra technology is a cost effective solution to the limited performance of existing MR semi-active suspension systems. Zebra significantly advances semi-active suspension performance by boosting the dynamic range of MR dampers up to 70% without affecting their weight, size and energy consumption. This is accomplished through a novel suspension damper coil and contact area design, coupled with precision digital control methodologies.


Improvement in dynamic range of MagnetoRheological dampers.


Change in cost, size and weight. Zebra match or improve the energy requirement of a conventional magnetic shock.


Improvement in cornering capabilities and car safety and stability.


Extra ride comfort and handling by transferring less acceleration and displacement between the chassis and the body.

What is wrong with existing MR shocks?

Suspension systems play an essential role in the safety and performance of a vehicle through enhancing ride stability, handling and comfort. While virtually every significant vehicle system has evolved to some form of electronic control, suspension systems have been stuck in decades-old, non-electronic design approaches. These traditional suspension systems are fully passive and can only respond to the driving characteristics and the surrounding road conditions.   Fully active suspensions offer the ultimate in vehicle control but are expensive and limited to high end race cars.  MR suspensions are ‘semi-active’, providing a higher degree of vehicle performance and a form of active control, through the use of precision electronic control signals.

While MR technology is advancing in terms of performance and market share, it still falls far behind fully active suspension performance mainly due to limited force dynamic range. Vastly improving the force dynamic range enables superior vehicle driving dynamics in all key areas of ride stability, handling and comfort. That is where Zebra comes in!

How can we help?

Reach out to discuss further details of the technology and how it could serve your specific application. 

We are a Canadian company with over 8 years of experience in semi-active suspension design and development and we are based in Greater Vancouver area, BC, Canada.